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About Us

hinzkunst is not a brand, it’s a way of thinking. We deeply believe in innovative, contemporary objects with personality. These objects don’t want to be just ordinary accessories – they are autonomic, aesthetic and unique originals.

hinzkunst is beyond any consumption. How? Because we leave the usual path and seek to surprise through form, functionality and material. We produce in small editions, exclusively made for you. In a perfect world hinzkunst objects become collector’s items, who define generations to come.

hinzkunst was founded by Petra Maier and Ralph Burkhardt, Designer, Author and Lecturer who runs a multidisciplinary design studio, that has been recognized with national and international design awards. For more information please go to

Enough blah, blah! Let’s be straight, we just want to make products we believe in and we want to share them with you and all other like-minded people.

Any thoughts, questions and experiences you want to share with us? 

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Petra & Ralph